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tvd_bigbang's Journal

Vampire Diaries: Big Bang Challenge
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vampire diaries big bang

The idea of a big bang challenge is to bring the best of both worlds together, namely fanfiction and art of all types. Each author, who chooses to accept the challenge, is to submit a story with a minimum length of 10,000 words of gen, het or slash fanfiction. The author and an assigned artist will then collaborate on one project (story/art) and post it together.

If you haven't figured it out yet - we focus solely of the Vampire Diaries (either the tv-show or the books) and it's cast.

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups | Beta Sign Ups

Round 3 Schedule

May 11th: All sign-ups begin
June 8th: Checkpoint #1 (non-mandatory)
July 6th: Checkpoint #2 (non-mandatory)
July 9th: Authors sign-ups close
August 3rd: Checkpoint #3 (mandatory)
August 20th: Authors rough drafts due
August 23rd: Artists sign-ups close
August 25th: Artists claims day
September 14th-21st: Artist Checkpoint (mandatory)
October 14th: Final Fic and Artist drafts due
October 17th Posting schedule is up
October 22nd: Posting begins

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