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Round 3: Beta Sign Ups

Round 3: Beta Sign ups

» As a beta, you must only read your author's drafts with the aim of improving their grammar, spelling, characterization faults, and the general style of a story before it's made public.
» You need to be available through email or other ways of contact on a regular basis.
» Despite it being your job to critic your author, you must do this in a strictly constructive way.
» You're allowed to work with more than one author per round.
» If you're having issues with your author, please let us know!

Dates of importance
August 20th » The authors rough drafts are due.
September 30th » Final fic drafts are due.
October 8th » Posting begins.

» To sign up as a beta reader, please comment here using the form below.

Thank you!
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