FIC: Handle with Care (ellensmithee)

Title: Handle with Care
Author: ellensmithee
Artist: saltzatore
Word Count: 23,183
Rating: Hard R
Characters/Pairings: Katherine/Elijah, minor Klaus/Stefan, Lucy Bennett
Warnings Sexual content, some elements that may appear to be dub con at first glance, canon-typical violence, and, God help me, fluff
Summary: When Elijah requests Katherine's detective skills to help him find someone, Katherine's curiosity gets the best of her and she agrees. The result? Shared hotel beds, stolen cars, dead bodies, pissed-off werewolves, and a dog named Charlemagne.
A/N: Many thanks to my betas, saltzatore and swirlsofblue! This fic takes place in the same universe as a light to burn all the empires, but works as a standalone.

Link to fic master post: LJ and AO3
Link to art master post: Art


Fic: When You Tell My Story, Don't Forget Me

Title: When you Tell my Story, Don't Forget Me
Author: kwritten
Artist: fluffyfrolicker
Word Count: 16,085
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Anna, OC (mention of Pearl)
Warnings:  Discussion of abuse, rape, incest, violence (very minor Spoilers for S1)
Summary: After the events in 1864, Anna begins wandering West - ending up in San Francisco at the turn of the century with a human child she must learn how to care for. When she suddenly finds her child is now a fully grown man, Anna must face his desire for her, and vampirism, while also battling a growing awareness that she knows nothing about her own turning, or Pearl's life before they became a "family." After all - what happens when a vampire tries to raise a human child - when she no longer remembers a human life at all...
Author's Note: Many thanks and more thanks tohappyg_rlfor being the most wonderful beta sister in the world! Any further mistakes are my own. Cheerleader awards also go tofluffyfrolicker,upupa_epops, andaerintinefor rushing to my aid when I completely freaked out early in the writing process over how ~dark this story seemed to be. This is my very first bigbang - so thank you to this whole community and my entire flist for being so supportive of my very inelegant stumble into this fandom. I love you all. 

[Links to some inspiration/historical context: SPOILERY IN NATURE, DO NOT CLICK UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ALL THE THINGS]
Further notes: Spoilery in nature
  • All poetry taken from Women of the Red Plain, an anthology of Contemporary Chinese Women's Poetry
  • Shen was found by Anna at a Chinese Railroad Worker Camp - follow link to more information on the presence of Chinese workers in America at this time (It's probably historically inaccurate that a woman and small child would have been in any rough terrain - but I imagine that there must have been some cases/encampments that were not male-only)
  • Pearl's story deals primarily with the White Lotus - which was a specific Buddhist sect that worshipped the "Unborn or Eternal Venerable Mother" ... which just screamed "vampire" to me
  • The man who kills Pearl's family: Hongwu Emporer - a beggar who used the White Lotus Society to rise to power
  • The last story that Anna tells, of Wang Cong'er, is also based on a historical figure who was associated with the White Lotus. She was pretty much a BAMF.
  • Title taken in part from the finale piece in "Smash":: "Don't Forget Me"

stargate, DanielJackson

Fic; Torment Of Tantalus (swirlsofblue)

Title: Torment of Tantalus
Author: swirlsofblue
Artist: thesicko1012
Beta: ellensmithee
Word Count: 12,500
Rating: NC-17 (for violence)
Characters/Pairings: Klaus/Stefan, minor Damon/Elena, Caroline, Elijah.
Warnings Graphic violence, mild sexual content, character deaths, dark themes.
Summary: Stefan gets kidnapped by witches and bitten by a werewolf. Klaus needs to get to Stefan in time to give him his blood and cure him. If Klaus is going to reach his lover before it’s too late he will first have to reach a long lost part of himself. Damon comes along for the ride to ensure his brother is saved. Meanwhile Caroline tries to look after Stefan as he begins to hallucinate and relive the key moments of his and Klaus’s relationship. Written for tvd_bigbang
Author's Note; Thank you so much to ellensmithee for the wonderful betaing, and thank you so much tothesicko1012 for the awesome banner, icons and fanmix.


Link to fic master post: http://swirlsofblue.livejournal.com/9850.html 

Link to art master post: http://thesicko1012.livejournal.com/29056.html 

[tvd] Elena Nobody Has to Stay

Fic: Nobody has to Stay (upupa-epops)

Title: Nobody has to Stay
Author: upupa_epops
Artist: lynzie914
Word Count: 14k
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Elena, Bonnie, Damon with some Damon/Elena on the side; mentions of Stefan/Elena
Warnings sexual situations, biting
Summary: Things used to be much simpler before. The good guys were always stalwart and true, the bad guys were easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats (BtVS 2x07, Lie To Me). But now Elena is a vampire, and Bonnie just saved Klaus of all people. There are spells to break and problems to solve, urges to control and decisions to make. But, first of all, there are friendships to fix.

banner by lynzie914

Link to fic master post: LJ AO3
Link to art master post: here
season in hell (elenarain)

Fic: A Season in Hell (goth_clark)

Title: A Season in Hell
Author: goth_clark
Artist: elenarain
Word Count: 10,800
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Damon/Alaric, Elena, Stefan, Jeremy
Warnings sexual context, violence, strong language
Summary: When Alaric goes vampire evil, the only choice is to
dagger him and lock him up in a coffin. Angry that Elena chose Stefan,
Damon fights the urge to revert back to his evil ways. He becomes
obsessed with Alaric, and frees him, discovering that it's much easier
to take what he wants than he realized.

Link to fic master post: A SEASON IN HELL
Link to art master post: ART
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